It’s Barron Versus “the Towns-Green Machine”

If you saw last week’s Congressional debate on NY1 between Charles Barron and Roger Green — incumbent Ed Towns, as usual, didn’t show up — Green all but announced that he would be dropping his candidacy. Green said a “resolution” was a “few days away.” All that was standing in between, both candidates said, was to have a meeting.

Nearly a week later, however, the two haven’t met and both are still in the race.

Now, Barron says he wouldn’t even accept Green’s endorsement of it was offered.

“I don’t trust Roger and I don’t respect him,” said Barron. “If he offered his endorsement, I’d tell him to get lost. He’s not the kind of guy I’d want endorsing me at this point.”

According to Barron, Green told him with a “straight face” that he would support him immediately after the NY1 debate last Thursday.

“I didn’t even understand why we didn’t announce it on NY1,” Barron said. “I kept saying, ‘Why don’t we just announce it there?’ He didn’t want to and then never gave us a date when we would announce it.”

In an interview last Friday with Carl Green (Roger Green’s brother and campaign manager) he said his brother would spend the weekend in Chicago and meet with Mr. Barron on Monday or Tuesday.

According to Barron, that meeting never happened and Carl Green has yet to return nearly a dozen phone calls (Carl Green didn’t return several phone calls and emails for comment).

“Roger has been very dishonest and deceitful in our conversations,” said Barron. “He’s been saying he’s going to pull out. He said ‘have your person call my brother,’ and my campaign manager called him five or ten times and we got no response. Well, Roger, here it is Wednesday, six days from the election.

“He’s in this to help Ed Towns, his friend,” he continued. “That’s the conclusion we’ve drawn. We will have to beat the Towns-Green machine.”

— John Koblin

It’s Barron Versus “the Towns-Green Machine”