Kavanagh Pulls Ahead, Chan Holds Lead

Here are more numbers from some of the races that are still being counted at the city’s Board of Elections. These numbers do not include paper ballots, which are still being counted.

In Manhattan’s 74th Assembly District on the Lower East Side

5,075: Brian Kavanagh
4,687: Sylvia Friedman
993: Esther Yang
792: Juan Pagan

A Kavanagh aide offers different numbers, which include 357 paper ballots that were counted:

5213 (43.8%) Kavanagh
4856 (40.8%) Friedman
1022 (8.6%) Yang
807 (6.8%) Pagan

And in Manhattan’s Civil Court District 2., Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s preferred candidate, David Cohen, is still trailing…

5,192: Margaret Chan
5,038: David Cohen
2,304: Andrea Masley

— Azi Paybarah

Kavanagh Pulls Ahead, Chan Holds Lead