Mail from Yvette, Carl, David and Chris

Thanks to a good friend with an unhealthy hoarding instinct, we bring you a taste of what some Central Brooklyn residents have received over the last few weeks from the candidates in the 11th Congressional district.

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This mailer from Carl Andrews plays on the issue of class, pitting fancy-pants Manhattan against scrappy Brooklyn. It’s an indirect shot at David Yassky who, like others, has received campaign contributions from outside of the district. Andrews has also sent out lit using images of mammograms on the topic of women’s health, education, his childhood home in the district, Hurricane Katrina and a letter from his most prominent supporter, Eliot Spitzer.


Here’s Yvette Clarke’s bid to capitalize on the issue of Iraq. Clarke has sent out mailings advocating money for schools instead of the war in addition to pieces on her endorsements and on President Bush’s “assault on a women’s right to choose.”


David Yassky appears to have used his fundraising advantage to out-mail his opponents, with a flurry of pieces featuring imagery of waving American flags, smoking guns, and victims of violence to highlight national and local issues. Like Clarke, he connects the Iraq War to the state of education at home, while other of his pieces highlight his work on gun control, environmental issues including the Newtown Creek oil spill and junk food in public schools.


This piece of mail from Chris Owens stresses that it will be the only one voters receive from him. After the deluge of glossies residents have already gotten, that may come as something of a relief.

—Nicole Brydson Mail from Yvette, Carl, David and Chris