Marty Markowitz, Montauk Washout

A trip to the East End last week was met with rain, wind and cold eating away the last full

A trip to the East End last week was met with rain, wind and cold eating away the last full week of summer. Sad for Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, whose Monday-through-Thursday vacation in Montauk was washed out.

“It rained every day,” he said, after a press conference in Bed-Stuy on Tuesday. He sounded a little disgusted. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Then it ended on Thursday late in the morning, early in the afternoon.”

Mr. Markowitz stayed in Panoramic View on Old Montauk Highway, “right near Gurney’s,” with the Weather Channel’s Local on the 8s replaying over and over inside the room. He and his wife figured, what with 100% chance of precipitation, it was time to eat.

“We went to lunch, even though I don’t like lobster rolls,” he said. “My favorite restaurant this week was a place called Harvest by the Pond. They really got something going. It’s delicious, really delicious. It’s not inexpensive, unlike Gosman’s, which is mid-priced, which is why I love it.”

Nightlife for the Markowitzes was spent with nightly strolls down the mainstrip in Montauk. And did they hit Gin Lane?

“I didn’t go to East Hampton,” he said. “I’m not into that Hamptons scene.”

When the weather did finally turnaround on Thursday, Mr. Markowtiz tore off his Shelter Island sweatshirt, skipped lunch and took off for the beach.

“I gotta little tan,” he said. “I had a T-shirt on and a pair of shorts and I took my T-shirt off for a couple hours.”

Mr. Markowitz said he only tanned his front-side, and acquired a little farmer-tan effect. ‘It’s all gone by now,” he said.

By Friday it was time to pack-up and come home to Brooklyn. On the L.I.E., Mr. Markowitz and his wife traveled down an empty New York-bound lane in their 2000 Toyota Avalon.
—John Koblin Marty Markowitz, Montauk Washout