Mary Mapes: Not Going To Work With Dan Rather, Also Never Heard of ‘Radar’

Mary Mapes, the former CBS producer chiefly responsible for that network’s flawed 2004 report on President Bush’s National Guard service, is not joining her former boss, Dan Rather, at the cable channel HDNet.

Asked whether she had been offered a job at the network or ever would be, HDNet owner Mark Cuban told the Observer in an e-mail: “Not true. No idea where it came from. As far as the future, I would doubt it.”

On Sept. 5, the newly-relaunched Radar website reported that Ms. Mapes would be producing documentaries for the network. The item quoted her as telling a Radar reporter she was “thrilled to be on board” and that “Mark Cuban has told Dan, ‘I don’t give a damn about ratings. Let’s just break news and have some fun breaking balls.'”

Reached Tuesday afternoon at her Dallas home, Ms. Mapes said she was not joining HDNet, had never spoken to a Radar reporter and had never heard of Radar Online. “It’s not true,” she said, “and I’m entirely puzzled by the quotes they have from me. No one’s talked to me. I didn’t say that.”

The story appeared in the Fresh Intelligence section of Radar Online. “They totally made it up,” Ms. Mapes. “It’s hilarious.”

Radar editor Maer Roshan and Fresh Intelligence editor Chris Tennant did not immediately return calls for comment.
–Rebecca Dana Mary Mapes: Not Going To Work With Dan Rather, Also Never Heard of ‘Radar’