McCourt Fund-raiser

Don’t write this off as the dullest Governor’s race in memory just yet: Malachy McCourt is throwing a party. (To be precise, it’s a fund-raiser on Sept. 28 at Connolly’s Pub on West 45th Street.)

McCourt has unambiguously acknowledged that he has zero hope of winning the election. But on the positive side, that fact frees him up to say just about anything he wants about the competition.

Such as:

“Most of the candidates are deadly. And if you have a look at ’em, they all look exactly alike. They have the suit, the tie, and they go about campaigning with the coat over the shoulder and the finger through the little hanger thing.

“And they actually talk about rolling their sleeves up and getting to work–those fuckers. I have been a laborer. I worked on the docks. That was my fucking living for years. These fuckers have never worked–not a day.”

Black 47 will be supplying the musical accompaniment.

–Jason Horowitz McCourt Fund-raiser