Member Item: Piano

Common Cause sifted through the massive 2,000 page report on the Assembly’s pork projects, bringing to light some note-worthy numbers. CC’s report is here.

Funding for the 2,675 projects ranged from $500 to $4,912,000, with the average being $19,501.

The Southern Teir Senior Center explained why they got funding from the state by simply writing the word “piano,” CC noted.

A cursory (and randomly conducted) skim also revealed that the The Sunset Park Business Improvement District got $3,000 to “provide entertainment for the 15-block street festival event,” the Sandy Creek Historical Society received $3,000 to “update office equipment” and the American Legion Post 731 in Schaghticoke got $6,000 to buy “kitchen equipment.” (Insert “pork” joke here.)

The Assembly’s report came out on September 13th, from which time there is 30 days for the public — and gubernatorial candidates, theoretically — to comment.

— Azi Paybarah Member Item: Piano