Morning Read: September 14, 2006

The Times raises the curtain on Cuomo vs. Pirro, which promises to be the most entertaining, if not the ugliest, race of the general election. We even get a “cackle” from Cuomo.

The News calls his smile “unsinkable.”

John Faso visited all five boroughs of New York yesterday and challenged Eliot Spitzer’s prosecutorial record, saying that the attorney general’s cases against Maurice Greenberg and Richard Grasso were “misguided.” For good measure, he also took a shot at Spitzer’s family.

“I am the son of a Catholic-school janitor and he is the son of a rich real estate operator who still gets a million dollars a year from his father,” Faso said.

John Spencer hopes to bridge a massive fundraising gap in his Senate race with Stop Hillary money. And in a predictable comic turn, he is now demanding debates after dodging KT McFarland during the primary.

Hillary Clinton calls for billions in long-term medical assistance to Ground Zero responders who suffered illnesses in the days after the attack. In doing so, she also gets to take a shot at the President’s highly politicized anniversary speech.
“Enough with that. They don’t want our speeches. They don’t want our flowery rhetoric. They want our help,” Clinton said.

Apparently City Councilwoman Yvette D. Clarke’s mother was a guiding force in her hairsbreadth victory over David Yassky and the rest of the field in the Major Owens Congressional primary. So, of course, was 1199, which actually helped guide voters to the polls on her behalf. The News reflects on the brutality of the race.

Don’t look know, but the Bloomberg for President talk is back. Kevin Sheekey’s grand experiment is now being tested in a FOX News/Post poll. The mayor fulfills the public’s appetite for independent party candidates, but gets trounced by Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton.

Remember all that fun talk about converting Governor’s Island into another Manhattan playground? Apparently, that’s all over with for now.

And the quick-witted former Texas Governor Ann Richards is dead at the age of 73.

–Jason Horowitz

Morning Read: September 14, 2006