Noah Gabriel Leonard

May 19, 2006

12:19 p.m.

9 pounds

N.Y.U. Medical Center

Mother’s little helper …. Married for two years, Tanya Leonard, 35, a lawyer for the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Aaron Leonard , 31, a lawyer who does contract reviews for Live Nation, a music promoter, have produced a not-so-little legal eaglet with blue eyes and chipmunk cheeks. Noah enjoys cooing at his dad, relaxing in his swing and playing with a doll-blanket hybrid that his mother’s family sent from Germany. “We call it his girlfriend,” Ms. Leonard said. “It smells a little bit like him, a little bit like me, so he really likes it.” And how has she adjusted to the new addition? “Not to say that marriage isn’t a lifelong commitment, but motherhood is so clearly a lifelong commitment,” she said. “My friends are all like, ‘Why can’t you come out?’ I’m like, ‘Um, because I have this kid?’”

Noah Gabriel Leonard