The very touching, very short Sundance favorite

One of the major talking points surrounding Old Joy is that it is, oddly, just 76 minutes long — which, of course, makes it automatically less painful than just about any other movie you might see this year.

It was critically adored on the film festival circuit, particularly at Sundance. It co-stars an indie-music god (Will Oldham) and also has a score by a squad of them (Yo La Tengo).

And the ultra-minimalist story — two old friends, Mark (Daniel London) and Kurt (Oldham), go on a camping trip outside Portland, Oregon — zips by so quickly that you’re initially left wondering, What just happened?, just as the film’s quietly moving subtext (about growing up and growing apart) starts to kick in.

There’s a Sideways aspect happening here, and because of the pastoral Western stillness, Brokeback Mountain (minus the gay stuff) comes to mind, too.

But with its pitch-perfect melancholy, Old Joy burrows deep quicker and more universally than either of those films. In — did we mention? — 76 minutes.

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The very touching, very short Sundance favorite