Parsons and the Poor

With Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons in City Hall right now to present a study on poverty in NYC with Mayor Bloomberg, it’s worth noting that the study reads like a potential mayoral plan for Parsons, whose electability has been under discussion for some time now.

While there are some similarities between Parsons and Bloomberg (CEOs, self-made, Republican), there is one noticeable difference: Parsons seems more comfortable talking about poverty, a subject that received little enough conspicuous attention from Bloomberg during his first term that it became a central line of attack for Fernando Ferrer last year. The study’s recommendations make reference to expanded affordable housing, public education and job training.

Noting that nearly 340,000 New Yorkers are employed and living below the poverty line, Parsons writes, “Playing by the rules and being rewarded for hard work must be the ticket to financial security for our city’s families.”

— Azi Paybarah Parsons and the Poor