Pataki For Pirro, From A Distance

With no one on the bench for November, the Republican Party is (mostly) sticking by Jeanine Pirro, whose self-portrayal as the wronged victim of a politically motivated federal investigation wasn’t exactly Plan A. Rudy Giuliani and John Faso may have jumped ship, but Governor George Pataki won’t leave Pirro’s side.

Except that he won’t be attending the fund-raiser he is reportedly throwing for Pirro at the Marriott Eastside Hotel on October 3. Chairs intend to raise a $100,000 each and a single ticket costs $2,500, which gets you a picture with Pirro, but not Pataki.

“Governor Pataki will deliver his remarks via satellite,” says the invite.

–Jason Horowitz Pataki For Pirro, From A Distance