Pinging the Sonar: Radar Sets Sail!

Radar’s back, baby. And it’s bountiful, with a crew of pasty young men laboring night and day. Local well-known job-jumping ne’er-do-wells Jeff Bercovici and Matt Haber and Marcus Baram are all stuffed belowdecks on the Viking slave galleon that is the good ship Maer Roshan. Homeless no more!

In fact, that galley is packed; the two main blogs alone list eleven staffers, giving it, no doubt, the highest staff costs of any weblog site in existence. (It could have been more expensive! Apparently former Radar employee Remy Stern didn’t make it to sea, having been chucked overboard at some point pre-launch. (Or perhaps he threw himself over?)) And the “Reviews” section lists a staff of eight.

So clearly she’s a seaworthy vessel, yah—if a bit battered about the poop deck.

Reportedly, these new-fangled things called “RSS feeds” will be available later today. Pinging the Sonar: Radar Sets Sail!