Pirro: How Was Your Day?

Standing under a chandeleer that looked like an exploding atom particle, a smiling Jeanine Pirro told LGBT activists and donors at a Manhattan fundraiser that “When I got out of law school 150 years ago, I was taught that equal rights and equal justice applied to all of us. And then, I got into the real world…”

This was about three hours after Pirro said her attempt to verify her husband’s infidelity is now the subject of a federal investigation, which she called “a smear campaign.”

The night’s spoken and unspoken theme was marriage. For the Log Cabin Republicans, who organized the event, the goal was to $60,000 to donate to candidates who support gay marriage. For Pirro, it was about ignoring a marriage: her own.

She arrived quietly just as Bill Weld was speaking to the crowd. Pirro, sitting in a chair with a wine glass in her hand, nodded along. At other times, she glanced down at the seat cushion, where her left hand was resting: five French manicured finger nails and one golden wedding band.

Another woman who knows a thing or two about family tribulation on the campaign trail walked up and placed two hands on Pirro’s shoulder. KT McFarland.

When Pirro was introduced to speak, the group’s president Christopher Taylor said, “We love you and we’ll always be there for you.” Then, he explained how they “bonded” while marching in a gay pride parade where “only one of us was sensitive because only one of us wore sneakers. The other wore three-inch high heels.”

Pirro, standing in the middle of the room, smiled and quietly corrected him by holding up four fingers.

After speaking about supporting gay rights, and after the crowd applauded, it was time to go. Before she left, she asked: “And by the way, how was your day today?”

Hoots and cheers was the reply, and her camera-ready smile was back in place.

An audio clip of Pirro’s remarks from last night is here.

— Azi Paybarah

Pirro: How Was Your Day?