Primary Scenery

Out in Brooklyn, Tracy Boyland’s campaign has Al Sharpton making robo calls into the 18th Senatorial District on her behalf, in opposition to incumbent Velmanette Montgomery.

Turnout was sparse at 8:30am at PS 9 in 11th district turf, where at least one of the voting machines was already reported broken. The campaigns of Bill Batson, Hakeem Jeffries and Carl Andrews were out there with campaign lit, while David Yassky’s supporters donning “Yes for Yassky” t-shirts just a few blocks away at the nearby subway station. South of Flatbush Avenue, Yassky and Owens seem to be the most visible campaigns in Park Slope today.

Geoffrey Owens, best known as the Cosby Show’s Elvin Tibideaux and the real life brother of Chris, has recorded a radio endorsement spot for his brother that begins, “Hi, this is Geoffrey Owens of the Cosby Show” urging voters to choose for Chris for Congress.

Hakeem Jeffries will watch election results beginning at 8:30pm at the JRG Fashion Cafe on Flatbush Avenue at 5th Avenue.

In Manhattan, the campaigns of Mark Green, Sylvia Friedman and Brian Kavanagh are peppering Renwick Gardens on East 29th Street with literature, and again, a campaigner reports a sparse turnout. Friedman will have her election night party at Shades of Green on Irving Place.

Rosie Mendez was spotted near PS 34 in Manhattan, tearing down Brian Kavanagh posters in the 74th Assembly district. Kavanagh is running against her ally, Assemblywoman Sylvia Friedman.

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—Nicole Brydson

Primary Scenery