Project Runway: Some Thoughts

Jeffrey, Uli, Laura and Michael of Project Runway showed this morning in Bryant Park. Because we so enjoy flooding the zone, we sent both Rebecca Dana and Sara Vilkomerson. They met Jeffrey Zucker, Harvey Weinstein and Anthony Michael Hall–but not Robin Givhan? Below, their thoughts–point, counterpoint!

This is the third one of these things I’ve gone too, and I’m continually amazed at how each season gets more and more crowded. At 9 a.m., the supposed start time of the show, there were bitches fighting their way in, the standing room only section was packed and spilling into the aisles, and thanks to the weather, the umbrellas weren’t helping the situation out any, either.


Anthony Michael Hall (YES, Anthony Michael Hall!) was holding court with reporters and hangers-on/ Others milling about: Harvey Weinstein — much taller than I had originally realized. He seemed rather jolly. Three of the four Queer Eye guys (Thom, Carson, and Kyan) were there, as was Top Chef winner Harold — with a very cute girlfriend. Harumph. Austin Scarlett from Season One was there, and I spotted Emmett, Nick, Raymundo, the girl who got kicked off for not using her mother’s scarf, and Daniel V.

Heidi looked gorgeous, pregnant, gorgeous, pregnant. Michael Kors’s mom was there.

The order:

1) Jeffrey — I was shocked by how much I loved his collection. It wasn’t crazy rock and roll, but very feminine, and very cohesive. There was a definite thought and theme — with really pretty and wearable dresses.

2) Uli – she wisely limited herself to just a few choice print dresses, all very pretty – got a great reception from the crowd. Had this one bikini/cover up dress that the model ripped off while walking down the runway that was hot, hot, hot.

3) Laura — she is very pregnant. Her collection was VERY Laura — almost all black and white, very tailored and narrow, lots of sparkle. I believe the word I used was “jazzercize”. That said, quite possibly my favorite tied with Jeffrey.

4) Michael — He is def the crowd’s favorite — and judging by the section nearest to me, a lot of loud female fans. His collection’s theme was, I believe, “street safari”, and much more hip-hoppy than previous collections.
—Sara Vilkomerson

I agree with this assessment completely, with the following additions/caveats:

1. Jeffrey’s show was not THAT good. Too much weird shredding and Rebecca of Sunnybrook farms red tarpy-ness and too many horizontal zippers for my taste. I kept scanning the room for the Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize winning fashion critic Robin Givhan. Was she there? Was she thinking about what the regular woman would do with two rows of horizontal zipper on a shredded, sleeveless jean bolero? I was.

2. Speaking of Jeffreys: Zucker! NBC Universal president and — if today’s Page Six has any say — imminently the next president of General Electric was front and center, opposite Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and celebrity (?) guest-judge Fern Mallis. Either he’s out showing his support for the GE cable family (cough, cough, Jeff Immelt) or he’s scouting a mid-season replacement for Heroes. Or he’s a closet clothes-horse. I’d believe it!

3. There was a rumor going around that Project Runway was keeping journalists out of the show this year because we leak too many secrets. SPOILER ALERT: Michael’s not gonna win.

4. Harvey Weinstein is NOT taller in person. If anything, he is skinnier. But just by a pound or two.
—Rebecca Dana

Project Runway: Some Thoughts