Protecting Hevesi

The job of an accountant isn’t normally a hazardous one — unless you work for the city or the state. As the taxpayer’s watchdog, you’re scrutinizing billions of dollars worth of city and state contracts, sometimes with companies (allegedly, allegedly!) connected to unsavory characters.

That’s part of the reason state comptroller, Alan Hevesi, gave for wanting his wife to be chauffeured by a state employee.

As the Times Union reported, Hevesi got a dead parakeet in the mail and as early as last week was sent a bullet in an envelope.

Somehow, though, Hevesi’s replacement as city comptroller has yet to be confronted with the more dangerous aspects of the job.

When I asked Bill Thompson’s chief of staff deputy comptroller, Eduardo Castell, if the comptroller had ever receieved any threats, he told me, “Not that I’m aware of.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the State Ethics Commission, Walter Ayers, said they are “reviewing” the situation with Hevesi. When asked if that review would be complete before Nov. 7, Ayers wouldn’t commit, but said the Commission is “aware” there is an election.

As is the case any time they review a state official, the Commission will forward its findings to the Speaker of the Assembly and Majority Leader of the state Senate.

— Azi Paybarah

Protecting Hevesi