Ratner Meets With Burden

Bruce Ratner presented his plan for the 22-acre Atlantic Yards project to city Planning Commission Chairwoman Amanda Burden and other city commissioners Tuesday, she said, but he did not mention scaling it back.

“He presented it to all the commissioners, some of whom hadn’t had a chance to see it before,” she said after a Crain’s breakfast this morning at Pace University. Burden wouldn’t give her own thoughts, although we have noted before what an intense interest she has taken in minute issues such as whether the doors along Atlantic Avenue will swing outward or not. (She’s no foe of large-scale development, although she doesn’t seem to like superblocks that much.)

As we report in an online article today, sooner or later city officials will have to confront a more serious issue: like when those much-hyped affordable housing units at Atlantic Yards are going to come online. The answer: not very soon.

Matthew Schuerman

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post mistakenly said planning commission members met with Ratner Tuesday. It was city commissioners.

Ratner Meets With Burden