'Rock n' Roll Open House' on West 71st

Mr. Fishof

Ms. Kory

If you’re lucky enough to know Corcoran senior vice president Deanna Kory, you might have gotten an invitation today for her open house at 252 West 71st, “a stunning, sun-filled, 20-foot townhouse.”

Who’s the stunning owner? Mr. David Fishof, a “famed rock tour producer” and the creator of Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp (“where rock dreams come true”). The party promises a chance to snatch up the $6.2 million home, not to mention a Ringo Starr-signed CD, a Gibson guitar signed by Journey, and a drum stick autographed by Lynard Skynard’s very own Artemis Pyle.

Save the date: October 12… Best. Open House. Ever.

Max Abelson 'Rock n' Roll Open House' on West 71st