Sabini and Huntley Still Hanging On

Yesterday, City Councilman Hiram Monserrate sent word that “66 votes separate” him from state Senator John Sabini in the Democratic primary for the 13th Senate district. That’s “down from 208…rather than 208 votes as reported by the Board of Elections,” Monserrate said.

Sabini’s people responded a few hours later saying, “Sabini’s lead grows to 248…Victory is nearly official.”

Here is what the Board of Elections is reporting, as of 5:30 yesterday:

6,264 total votes for Sabini
6,120 from voting machines
32 emergency affidavits
112 paper ballots

6,017 total votes for Monserrate
5,943 from voting machines
22 emergency affidavits
52 paper ballots

Paper ballots are still being counted and results are unofficial until the Board of Election commissioners certify them.

In another close race, Shirley Huntley leads the outspoken state Senator Ada Smith. Paper ballots have not been counted yet. Here are the numbers so far:

6,333 total votes for Huntley
6.296 from voting machines
37 emergency affidavits

6,036 total votes for Smith
6,006 from voting machines
30 emergency affidavits

— Azi Paybarah Sabini and Huntley Still Hanging On