Somewhat Happily Married

TEDDY: Lately, a lot of older, quasi-mentor figures have been coming up to me at various social gatherings and confiding in me in a way that makes me pretty uncomfortable. “Teddy, man, I wish I were in your shoes.”

“Oh these old Vans?”

“You know what I mean. If I were your age, I’d be out there playing the field!”

“Yeah,” I say, “but it’s just not for me.”

“You have your whole life to be with someone. Now, just get out there and see what happens.”

“I guess you’re right,” I concur.

“Of course, I’m right…I’m married!”

These conversations have made me wonder how miserable people become once they’re married.

It seems like people are either very happily married or incredibly unhappy. Anything in between is as rare as a biracial depiction of the baby Cupid himself! After all, when is the last time you heard someone say, “yeah, I’m somewhat happily married”?

This is my wife, Sandra. I’m fairly happy to be married to her.

These days, the divorce rate is 50%, so settling for mediocrity is something of a sucker’s game. Somewhat Happily Married