Still Too Close

For those of you still craving primary election drama, there are still a handful of elections that are at least technically undecided, where the margins of victory are smaller than the number of paper ballots still to be counted.

Party favorite Alec Brook-Krasny beat Ari Kagan in Brooklyn’s 64th Assembly District by 94 votes. I’m told there are about 600 paper ballots which are being opened sometime today.

Party albatross Ada Smith lost to challenger Shirley Huntley by 197 votes in Queens 10th senate district in which, I’ve heard, there are still 209 paper ballots to open.

Party favorite John Sabini held off a challenge from City Councilman Hiram Monserrate in Queens 13th senate district by 208 votes. Monserrate refused to concede and they’re going through a recount.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s candidate, David Cohen, lost to Margaret Chan in Manhattan Civil Court District 2 by 49 votes. As someone in the comments section said, that race, too, looks like it will be “going to paper.”

— Azi Paybarah Still Too Close