Stonewall for Cuomo

The roll-out of Andrew Cuomo endorsements continues.

Tomorrow, he will be endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats, one of the city’s largest gay political clubs, a source there told me. It will be his third endorsement event in as many days. (Today, NARAL endorsed Cuomo on the City Hall steps. Yesterday, he was endorsed by a police union on Long Island.)

As is the case with most endorsements, these are as much as about coverage as actual votes.

But then, that’s the point. As long as Jeanine Pirro keeps having her coverage squashed by stuff like her husband’s speeding ticket and that lowlight of her time as Westchester DA, the Cuomo campaign’s orderly, tactical roll-out of supporters is about as daring and innovative as they’re going to have to get.

— Azi Paybarah

Stonewall for Cuomo