Supporting/Opposing Development

Not surprisingly, the race for the 57th Assembly district in Brooklyn looks like it’s going to hinge on an argument over the Atlantic Yards project.

It’s just not clear who’s arguing for what.

Bill Batson, whose opposition to the project has formed the centerpiece of his campaign, has a new TV ad reinforcing his stance.

Meanwhile, Hakeem Jeffries, who has previously criticized aspects of the project without actually opposing it — he told the Times that he would be “more inclined to support it than not” — is now blitzing the district with a new flier (posted on the Atlantic Yards Voter Guide) that appears, to all but the most careful readers, to put him in the anti-arena camp as well.

From the flier, in big red letters:

“NO eminent domain abuse”

“NO skyscraper city”

“NO backroom deals”

Dirty pool, smart politics or both?

—Nicole Brydson Supporting/Opposing Development