Tasini Focused on His Own Opponent

The novelty of beating Tom Suozzi in the opinion polls has worn off for Jonathan Tasini.

In July, Hillary’s anti-war opponent could hardly contain himself upon learning of poll results showing him outperforming the Nassau County Executive among Democratic voters.

But today, as both he and Suozzi hovering around 10 percent in the polls, Tasini seemed determined to focus on his own ability to win votes against a powerful Senate incumbent rather than on the dubious prospect of narrowly outperforming the prospective loser of the governor’s race.

“Every vote I get is a vote against an incumbent who voted for the war,” he said. “I don’t measure our success against what Tom Suozzi does. I really don’t.”

Tasini will maintain a frantic pace through his last day of campaigning tomorrow, starting with an event at 6:00 a.m. at the Coalition School for Social Change on W. 58th St.

— Azi Paybarah Tasini Focused on His Own Opponent