Tasini Goes Green, Site Goes Dark

Before Jonathan Tasini announced his decision today to endorse the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate over Hillary Clinton, there was a lively debate on his campaign blog about what he should do.

Of the 75 commenters, most agreed with “Benno,” who said that “Hillary has demonstrated that she DOES NOT WANT OUR SUPPORT!”

But another commenter, John Halle, warned Tasini risked looking like Joe Lieberman if he stayed in the Democratic Party while opposing the Democratic candidate.

Jonathan is required, technically, to support his party’s nominee. It would be hypocritical for those of us who are criticizing Lieberman for abandoning the Dems when the vote goes against him [to tell] Jonathan to do the same. If Jonathan stays in the party but does not support the nominee, he will be permanently tainted, as Lieberman should be, by his sabotage of the campaign. Given this predicament, Jonathan should use this opportunity to withdraw from the Dems…

And in true Joe Lieberman fashion, Tasini’s website now appears to be down.

Conspiracy anyone?

— Azi Paybarah Tasini Goes Green, Site Goes Dark