The Excitement of (Writing About) Haalgaard!

Ms. ‘Haal and Mr. ‘Gaard

If you’re a celebrity-obsessed (or celebrity-loathing?) Brooklynite, the most exciting piece of today’s Manhattan Transfers has to be the news that Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal have signed a contract for a grandmotherly $1.75 million Park Slope brownstone. As the Boswell Sisters would say: Yowza!

(Also: Don’t miss the personal story of our friend Miranda Purves, who couldn’t afford said brownstone but resents the fact that Haalgaard snapped it up before she could! Life in Brooklyn is full of such contradictions.)

If we were to pat ourselves on the back we’d say that we actually took the trouble to confirm what had been a smoldering-hot Stoop-Sale Rumor. Anyone up there at the Pulitzer commission listening?

But if instead we were to indebt ourselves to previous reports that they were looking at the place, with non-transparent sourcing, we’d have to give Kudos to Brooklyn Record, who wrote in to remind us (how could we have forgotten?) that their blog was the first to publish. Hey, you take the risk, you get the credit, right? Here’s the link.

Max Abelson The Excitement of (Writing About) Haalgaard!