'The Hottest Place on Earth'–Hawaiian Tropic in Times Square

This is the official rendering. (Really, it is).

If Times Square and supermodels are your thing, get excited for tonight’s launch party for–yes!–New York’s very own Hawaiian Tropic Zone Restaurant and Lounge. Hooterific.

Petra Nemcova will be the host, and better yet an entire block of 49th Street will be transformed into a tropical beach. Seriously: “pristine sands, balmy Queen Palm and Banana trees, an inviting hot tub, surfboards and chaise lounge chairs, and a DJ spinning energizing tunes from atop a 16-foot lifeguard tower.”

When does sand compete with a 16-foot energizing DJ? When there are 700 cubic tons it.

Along for the launch of this new gourmet hot spot are sweet-toothed Dylan Lauren, plus sweet-handed Giants Amani Toomer and Michael Strahan.

You should head down, according to the website, because “this will probably be the most important career move of your life.”

Max Abelson 'The Hottest Place on Earth'–Hawaiian Tropic in Times Square