The Morning Read: September 15, 2006

Hillary Clinton’s people wasted no time engaging their Republican opponent, John Spencer. “Given John Spencer’s history he probably doesn’t consider a campaign negative until he threatens to murder his opponent,” Hillary spokesman, Howard Wolfson, said.

One of the corporate leaders backing Eliot Spitzer for governor, John Catsimatidis, was investigated by the attorney general for underpaying deliver workers.

Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged a link between working at Ground Zero and health problems faced by rescue workers.

Complaints about police rose 16% since last year, according to the Mayor’s Management Report.

At a City Council hearing, officials wondered how to add “sizzle” and “substance” to the city-owned television station.

Jim McGreevey’s efforts to publicize his new book make him look like “a prime example of the irresponsible expectant father,” according to the New York Times.

Despite the headline on the New York Post editorial page saying “Run Mike Run!,” the paper’s editorial board writes, “We’re not endorsing anyone for president yet; it’s way too early for that.”

And New Yorkers may not know who he is, but this is a big deal: John Lynch, long one of New Jersey’s dominant political power brokers, is pleading guilty to federal corruption charges.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: September 15, 2006