The Morning Read: September 18, 2006

Aides to Rudy Giuliani fear he might be swift boated on the issue 9/11 rescue workers health.

Eliot Spitzer and John Faso agree with George Pataki’s plan to have some federal and state agencies rent about half the space in the Freedom Tower. But the Port Authority said it would be too traumatic to have its headquarter employees in the building.

Pataki also plans to give a $137,000-a-year job to the daughter of Brooklyn Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez.

Lopez is also expected to help his girlfriend’s brother get a judgeship this Friday at a judicial nominating convention.

There are some grumblings that Spitzer isn’t helping Democrats move into the majority of the state Senate.

Mayor Bloomberg may do more than grumble if Spitzer insists the city has to share the cost of the court-ordered school funding decision in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case.

Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont aren’t offering detailed plans on Iraq.

Lamont is returning a $100 donation from a socialist group, while Joe Lieberman will get lots of money when Mayor Bloomberg throws him a Nov. 1 fundraiser.

A bus driver will challenge Roger Toussaint for the presidency of the Transport Workers Union.

Challenger Shirley Huntley leads state Senator Ada Smith of Queens by 475 votes with 294 paper ballots to be counted.

And a city lawyer is seeking notes from a meeting of the War Resisters League.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: September 18, 2006