The Morning Read: September 26, 2006

The Times Union reports that “the line between guarding Carol Hevesi during a time of threat and just driving her around appeared to be blurred. For one thing, Neustadt said, Acquafredda was not armed, nor was the comptroller in the habit of documenting threats to police agencies as they came in.”

The Cornell Daily Sun says there will be protesters outside tonight’s gubernatorial debate to demand universal health care.

The Conservative Party candidate for state senate is out of the race in Staten Island.

The City Planning Commission wants 600 fewer apartments in the Atlantic Yards Project.

There is a dispute over the chairmanship of the Independence Party on Staten Island.

Hillary Clinton liked Bill’s performance on FoxNews Sunday.

Joe Lieberman calls Ned Lamont’s Iraq policy a “slippery, deadly slope.”

The American Spectator interviews a passenger who was on a plane with Rudy Giuliani when they suddenly hit turbulence.

Miles above Pennsylvania, an aircraft door-seal suddenly cracked. The cabin started to depressurize The pilot nose-dived the plane from 38,000 feet to a safer 9,000 feet. Oxygen masks popped out and dangled from the ceiling above the heads of horrified travelers…What did Giuliani do? “He put his mask over his face, picked the book back up, and kept reading Shakespeare.”

And Pat Healy quotes an Iowa State professor praising George Pataki for trying to “raise his visibility and create some buzz.”

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: September 26, 2006