The Morning Read: September 29, 2006

Right after Alan Hevesi apologized for not reimbursing the state for having an employee act as a personal chauffeur, one of his government staffers was caught recording the speech of his political opponent, Christopher Callaghan. “Now that you’ve pointed it out to me – I didn’t realize it – I’ll pay for that tape.”

At the same meeting, Eliot Spitzer was not in the mood to apologize for misrepresenting the size of the family loans he received to run his first two races for attorney general, an issue raised by John Faso. “If that’s his best argument for being governor, perhaps it explains why his whole ticket is where it is.”

The Times examines Jeanine and Albert Pirro’s marriage, saying some people say “the Pirros look a lot like an echo of that other Westchester power couple, the Clintons.”

New York Post columnist Charlie Millard thinks that the Clintons should be more like the Pirros: “Unlike another New York statewide candidate, Hillary Clinton, [Pirro] doesn’t go on TV to try to defend his actions – or claim that some vast conspiracy has made them up.”

Pirro tried to connect her opponent, Andrew Cuomo, to the leaking of the federal investigation of her, noting Cuomo used to work for the prosecutor in the current case. Cuomo’s spokeswoman noted that a number of the investigators are Republicans.

The Post looks at the other woman in the Pirro affair.

More people think taxes in New York will be raised if John Faso is elected governor than if Eliot Spitzer is elected, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll.

Sen. John Kerry will campaign for Ned Lamont in Connecticut on October 25.

And a lawsuit brought against Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes by one of his old political rivals, Sandra Roper, was dismissed in federal court yesterday.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: September 29, 2006