The Morning Read: September 4, 2006

The New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton for re-election, highlighting how she differed from Sen. Joe Lieberman after they both voted for the Iraq War. Lieberman stood with the administration; Hillary didn’t. (Gloria Steinem, though, is not impressed.)

“All that said, she has hardly been a profile in courage…Mrs. Clinton’s biggest flaw is her unwillingness to risk political capital for principle. That is not to say that she lacks principles, but whenever her moral convictions become politically inexpedient, she will struggle to find a way to cloak them in vague rhetoric or deflect attention with a compromise that makes the danger go away.”

Chuck Schumer didn’t give campaign money directly to Joe Lieberman, and didn’t want too much attention for the help he did give Lieberman during his primary against Ned Lamont.

Political analyst Charles Cook said, “If nothing changes, I think the House will turn. The key is, if nothing changes.”

Mark Green said he’ll campaign on Sept. 11.

And Yvette Clarke didn’t report her entire salary from the City Council on her taxes.

Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: September 4, 2006