The Morning Read: September 6, 2006

Andrew Cuomo may not have read that Village Voice article about his relationship with Andrew Farkas, but he did have a suggestion for the article’s author:

“The author of The Voice’s article, Wayne Barrett, said in an interview yesterday that Mr. Cuomo had suggested delaying its publication until after the primary. Mr. Cuomo said in an interview that he had suggested delaying publication so there was more time for Mr. Barrett and Mr. Farkas to exchange information.”

And a letter from Farkas’s lawyer to the Village Voice warning of possible libel was also sent.

The New York Post endorsed Cuomo, noting “Cuomo’s greatest asset may be his chief opponent in the primary race, perennial candidate for high office Mark Green.” A preview of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s endorsement today of Cuomo is discussed here.

George Pataki hailed the opening of the Tribute Center, which honors people lost on 9/11. The Times noted “This will be a long interim” since the permanent memorial is not scheduled to open until 2009.

The Post and Daily News give their front pages to the newly released health study of 9/11 rescue workers.

Democrats and some Republicans, like CT Rep. Christopher Shays, want Donald Rumsfeld to resign.

And the city’s Campaign Finance Board wants to slash contribution limits for people doing business with the city.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: September 6, 2006