The Primaries and 2009

So how did the prospective 2009 mayoral contenders fare in the 2006 races?

Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson backed Andrew Cuomo. But with a 20-point victory, who takes credit for that?

In Brooklyn, Thompson backed losing candidate Carl Andrews in the 11th congressional district.
Quinn stayed neutral there.
Anthony Weiner and Betsy Gotbaum backed the winner, Yvette Clarke. Gotbaum was among a hundred women endorsing Clarke, while Weiner brought the John Murtha endorsement.

Adolfo Carrion seems to have stayed out of the major races, but did back John Sabini, who squeaked out a win.

What the significance of any of this is in terms of chits to be redeemed at a later date, well, you tell us.

— Azi Paybarah The Primaries and 2009