Tiny Bites of Chocolove

ERICA: “This doesn’t look good” said Greg as he walked into our apartment last night.

There are chocolate bar wrappers spread all over the coffee table and I’m laid out on the couch, unable to move from my stomach cramps.

“You tried ALL of these?”

In the name of research, I had planned to take one tiny bite of each of the Chocolove chocolate bars that we are considering as favors for our wedding. But “tiny bites” didn’t work so well. I bought 11 different varieties at Whole Foods and felt it was my duty to really pick out the best of the best. Now I can’t move.

These Chocolove bars really are the cutest. Each one has a different love poem printed on the inside of the wrapper and the wrappers themselves come in beautiful colors and almost look like vintage postcards. And as I can now confirm with certainty, they also taste pretty delish. After making fun of me for overindulging, Greg tried most of them too. We had an extensive “chocolate pow wow,” and I think we decided to go for:

Toffee and Almonds in Milk Chocolate
55% Pure Dark Chocolate
Hazlenuts in Milk Chocolate and maybe
Cherries and Almonds in 55% Dark Chocolate

As soon as we get our final RSVP numbers in the next day or so, I can order these puppies up! Tiny Bites of Chocolove