Toronto Film Festival: Checking In

A missive has just arrived from Sara Vilkomerson, our envoy to the Toronto Film Festival.

1. Air Canada section of La Guardia was overrun by douchebags talking about “projects.”

2. The Suri Cruise Vanity Fair was sold out at all the newstands. (See above.)

3. I talked to a charming girl named Tracy, age 24. Her job is airport coordinator for the Toronto Film Festival. Her accent is nuts. She said that Brian DePalma and Carrie Ann Moss had arrived that morning. Carrie Ann Moss was wearing a light blue jogging suit and was almost unrecognizable. She said that the big buzz is on Brad Pitt’s arrival, she thinks tomorrow, and that she knew Reese Witherspoon was coming in soon too, but Ms. Witherspoon has her own private plane and an entourage, thank you very much. Actually, what she said was,”must be nice.” She’s hoping she’ll get to drive Jason Biggs, up here for that Michael Ian whatever movie, and that “he might be single.”

4. I saw Pedro Almodovar in the elevator at the Four Seasons. He has gray spiky hair. As my friend here just said: “But not because of product.”

5. The Borat maddness is tonight. It looks to be a shit-show and I was told to get myself to the red carpet because there will be “surprises.”

6. Canadians talk funny.
—Sara Vilkomerson Toronto Film Festival: Checking In