Union Muscle in Brooklyn

One of the deciding factors in the city’s two closest congressional primaries on Tuesday, wich were in Brooklyn’s 10th and 11th districts, wasn’t race, or the throw-the-bums-out attitude, or even the war.

It was unions. 1199/SEIU, 32BJ, and UNITE Here, to name a few.

In the 11th, unions seem to have out-soldiered the anti-Antlantic Yards contingent — at least judging by the final result — by pulling enough voters out to send Yvette Clarke to Washington. Next door, the unions seemed to stay away from Rep. Ed Towns, who cast votes in favor of CAFTA (a union no-no), and with Republicans on a bankruptcy bill. Towns won, of course, but with less than half the vote.

It’s worth keeping an eye out to see what role the unions play in the race to fill Clarke’s City Council seat.

— Azi Paybarah

Union Muscle in Brooklyn