While You Were Voting

sessionswithjesus-all starts.jpg

This afternoon the city approved a $12.5 million refinancing plan [amount fixed] for the All Stars Project, the non-profit group associated with the, um, outspoken activists Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman.

The New York City Industrial Development Agency, which the mayor controls, voted 6 to 4 to approve the project and will be sending the word out soon, in case you were following some other political story today.

Three of the yes votes include two people appointed by the mayor and one appointed by Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff (which is basically a mayoral appointment too). Vote totals are after the jump.

And pictured above is a scene from Session with Jesus, a theater production produced by the group. I’ve never seen it — just thought it was interesting.

— Azi Paybarah

Joseph Douek – Brooklyn – Abstained


Bernard Haber – Queens
Rafael Salaberrios – Bronx
Jose Orengo – Manhattan
John Graham – Comptroller


Joshua Sirefman – IDA Chairman
Derek Park – Mayor Appointment, IDA Vice Chairman
Leonard Wasserman – Corporation Counsel
Barry Dinerstein – City Planning Commission
Angela Sun – Deputy Mayor Doctoroff
Robert D. Santos – Mayor Appointment While You Were Voting