Why the Baseball Standings Suck

Something’s wrong with the baseball standings in the papers and online.

No one’s interested in reading the classic divisional standings; we know who won now, only two out of six races are in play, Detroit vs Minnesota in the AL Central, and LA vs San Diego in the NL West. Baseball fans are interested in the Wild Card standings, but when you click on these, you see Minnesota way ahead of Chicago in the AL and Philly edging ahead of LA in the NL. These are false standings; they leave out San Diego and Detroit, which are actually in contention for the Wild Card.

Someone should come up with a better way of presenting the standings, as an Expanded Wild Card, where a division leader is included with an asterisk, or it says: Top Two Finishers Go Through to Playoffs. As it is, the papers are just wasting space. Why the Baseball Standings Suck