666: Mark Of The Merch

CBGB’s new digs: Hell on shirts?

Though Hilly Kristal officially pulled the plug on his hallowed rock hall CBGB this week, the club’s highly profitable merchandising division CBGB Fashions just keeps plugging along.

Still doing business at 315 Bowery through Oct. 31, the t-shirt and assessories shop will soon be moving to a previously unspecified site at Broadway and Bond Street.

But which address? The ginormous 11,250-square-foot vacant former Brooks Brothers’ corner store at 670 Broadway? It would take an awful lot of biker tanks and wife beaters to fill that space.

Nah. Try looking across Bond Street, next to Commerce Bank, where a trio of black-clad CBGB reps and a real-estate broker were taking measurements earlier this afternoon.

Though just 350 square feet on the ground level, the sprawling 6,000-square-foot basement seems appropriately dark and dingy for the punk crowd.

Even more appropriate is the rock store’s new address: 666 Bond Street.

– Chris Shott

666: Mark Of The Merch