A Little Attention, Please

Mike Long is not happy with the way things are going for John Spencer.

“It’s beginning to look like one of those years that nobody is paying attention,” said the Conservative Party chairman, who hopes to raise between $150,000 and $200,000 for Spencer at a fund-raiser at the Sheraton tonight. “He has got to continue to work hard and find money, which his becoming very difficult for him.”

Long said that he wished more of the county leaders who rallied behind Spencer and John Faso at the Republican convention had spent more time out campaigning against Hillary Clinton and Eliot Spitzer.

“Not every one of my leaders are working, but in the last two weeks a lot of people have gotten engaged,” he said. He also blamed the press for ignoring the two Republican-Conservative candidates.

“There is a turn-off valve someplace,” he said.

–Jason Horowitz

A Little Attention, Please