A Very Special Ferrari for Peter Kalikow

Isn’t it ironic that the city’s MTA chairman, Mr. Pete Kalikow, has his own special form of transportation? From The New York Times:

Another of Pininfarina’s one-of-a-kind projects was a car for Peter S. Kalikow, the New York developer and chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The car is a tweaked Ferrari 612 — what Bill Gates might call Release 1.1 of the Scaglietti. Mr. Kalikow and Mr. Pininfarina call it the 612K…

Ferraris are as much legend as brand, and Mr. Kalikow’s brief to the designers of his special 612 has already become legendary. The charge was to change the basic car only slightly — so slightly, in fact, that only 10 percent of Ferrari owners would notice the difference.

10%, huh? Contratulations, Mr. Kalikow.

Max Abelson

A Very Special Ferrari for Peter Kalikow