Abortion Politics Made Easy

A few days ago this pro-Giuliani blog laid out an intriguing blueprint for the former mayor to follow as a way of getting around his inconvenient position on abortion rights and make it through a Republican primary.

One of the basic ideas (and Rudyblog has a much lengthier explanation here) that Giuliani shouldn’t try to hedge on his pro-life position, but could seek to find common ground with social conservatives on abortion by advocating for strict constructionist judges. If those judges happen to find Roe v Wade unconstitutional, the thought goes, so be it.

In the course of reporting for the paper this week, I asked Tony Carbonetti what he thought of the idea. As it turned out, he approves.

“He has a record of supporting conservative judges and appointing conservative judges here in New York,” said Carbonetti, a senior Rudy advisor. “As with any chief executive he already has a record and anyone can look at that record.”

Carbonetti also said that Giuliani has never stopped being himself — “What you see is what you get” — no matter how conservative the crowd he addresses.

But of course, if Giuliani can keep the focus on security issues and away from abortion, as he did during his trip to Illinois last week, so much the better.

–Jason Horowitz

Abortion Politics Made Easy