America vs. The New York Times, Chapter 1

Dear New York Times,

In your magazine this past Sunday, we noticed the following passage in an article about one of our favorite cookbooks,The Joy of Cooking:

My first foray into this new edition was on a Sunday night, when corn-bread tamale pie seemed inviting. I opened up my canned beans and frozen corn, spread my meat mixture in my casserole and applied the corn-bread topping: a breeze. It arrived from the oven with a fresh corn-bread aroma and a tangy hamburger taste. It kept nicely into the week. It was what Sunday dinner is all about: ease, comfort and the one-dish cleanup.

Actually, here in America, those things are what Wednesday dinner is all about. If you see us put a one-dish casserole out as Sunday dinner, it means somebody is in the hospital.

Thanks for trying to relate to us, though! Best of luck with your future attempts. We’ll be reading with curiosity.

Yours very truly,


America vs. The New York Times, Chapter 1