Anatomy of an Endorsement

Joe Lieberman’s decision to run as an Independent in the Connecticut Senate race has forced Democrats across the country to decide whether to endorse the Democratic nominee or Democratic incumbent.

But Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey found a simpler solution last night, according to this fun story in the Times. Endorse both of them.

“In a written question from an audience member, Mr. Menendez was asked why he supported Mr. Lamont. Mr. Menendez said that his support of Mr. Lamont was a “mischaracterization,” adding that he supported Mr. Lieberman’s run as an independent candidate.
“I wish him well and hope he returns,” he said.

The Senator’s comments, published on the Empire Zone, were then posted on Joe Lieberman’s blog . Menendez’ press secretary then called the Times reporter, John Holl, and asked that the senator’s comments to be changed, according to the article.

So all this begs the question, what happened between Menendez’ comments and Miller’s call? One immediately imagines Chuck Schumer getting on the horn and chewing Menendez out. The DSCC isn’t helping Menendez out in New Jersey just so he can help the competition in Connecticut, after all. The DSCC had no comment. (Lieberman and Lamont blogs have been bickering about the ephemeral endorsement all day.)

Miller said the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding and that really, it was all Kean’s fault.

“He kind of comes up with this silly stunt, but it’s more a sign of a sinking campaign than anything else,” Miller told me earlier.

Whatever happened, Kean is happy. His campaign just sent out the Times article, in full, as a press release.

–Jason Horowitz

Anatomy of an Endorsement