…And Finally, I'd Like To Thank My Colorist

ERICA: As I’m pondering getting my hair “un” highligted for the second time in 3 months, I’m flipping through Us

ERICA: As I’m pondering getting my hair “un” highligted for the second time in 3 months, I’m flipping through Us Weekly and feeling seriously angry toward Lindsay Lohan. How is it that she looks fabulous whether her hair is platinum blonde, deep chestnut or fire engine red?! That just makes no sense and I’m insanely bitter about it.

I’ve been trying to perfect my hair color for over a year now. My natural color is sort of a “meh” librarian brown. A few months ago, I thought I should get it highlighted. I went to my favorite salon and came home looking like a striped cheetah. 3 days later, I went straight back to “meh” brown.

Then I started getting the itch again. Maybe they just didn’t choose the right color for me? Maybe I should try someplace else? Don’t I want my hair looking gaw-gous on my wedding day?

I went someplace else, spent $250 more dollars that we don’t really have and came home with, yet again, mediocre hair. You’d think I would have called it quits at this point. Thrown in the towel? Nope, folks, that’s not how I roll.

With a week and half left before the wedding, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and headed over to (http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/41763165) 2b Salon. I described, in detail, my two previous hair coloring disasters to my colorist Zhauna and she formulated a gameplan that sounded great. Fixing my hair was no easy task because of my recent dye-crazy rampages, but she worked out some sort of “toning” plan of action that was going to rescue me.

I left two hours later feeling great. Then I woke up the next day and hated it again. It was too blonde…too much.

Zhauna had already warned me that if I was not happy for any reason, I should give them a call so I could come back and get it perfect. I made an appointment to do just that. Zhauna agreed that my hair needed to be “taken down a bit” and this time they seriously nailed it. I got my brown hair color, just significantly jazzed up with sun kissed, totally natural looking pieces. After months of painstakingly tedious, expensive and frustrating coloring attempts, my hair is finally perfect-amente. Needless to say, I’m now pretty smitten with 2B. Is putting a thank you to my colorist in our wedding program too much?

…And Finally, I'd Like To Thank My Colorist