Attracted to Clinton?

One problem with saying wacky things are the wacky follow-up questions. Here’s a snippet from John Spencer’s surreal appearance on NY1 last night.

Dominic Carter: For the record Mr. Spencer, lets put this to rest right tonight. It really doesn’t have any role in the campaign, but do you find Hillary Clinton to be an attractive woman?

John Spencer: I’ve always, I’ve always said that. I said it the other day. I like Hillary Clinton. And I said she’d make a terrific candidate for president because we’ll beat her. She’s a liberal.

DC: But physically, do you find her to be an attractive woman?

JS: [mumble]. She’s not ugly. That’s for sure. Hehehe.

DC: How about back in the day when she was a young lady?

JS: I didn’t use that word.

DC: But back in the day, did you find her to be an attractive woman?

JS: No, that’s not that Dominic. I don’t know. I didn’t look at her back in that day. What I’m saying is look at pictures of me back in the 60s. Whew. Look at pictures of anybody.

— Azi Paybarah

Attracted to Clinton?