Bank Taking a "Good Look" at 7 WTC

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Does 7 World Trade Center have another tenant? According to this morning’s New York Post, the international bank ABN Amro is “taking a good look at 7 WTC, and sources say it sent Silverstein a ‘proposal’ last week.”

A source close to the deal cautioned that the talks were “preliminary” but the company is “interested,” according to the Post.

ABN Amro already has offices on Park Avenue and Jersey City and is looking for 150,000 square feet in Manhattan to consolidate its facilities, said the Post.

Of the 1.6 million square feet availale at WTC, 800,000 square feet is still available. Last week, NY1’s Dominic Carter said to Larry Silverstein that the “glass is half full” at 7 WTC. Silverstein quipped that it is “more than half” full , turning the rumor mill on who the extra tenant could be.

– John Koblin

Bank Taking a "Good Look" at 7 WTC