Bargain Basement Awaits Bulldozer

From “LOW LOW PRICES” to upcale living.

Stock up on 59-cent cans of Georgia hash while you still can. The Tribeca Trib reports that cut-rate retailer Ralph’s Discount City is going condo.

Plans now pending before the Landmarks Preservation Commission call for the demolition of half of Ralph’s and construction of a multi-level stone condo building with ground-level storefronts. The other half will get spruced up for future residents and new business tenants.

That proposal also indicates a new owner at 91-95 Chambers Street, though a broker involved with the sale says the deal is merely “under hard contract.” Interesting. Can anyone submit plans to tear down a building they don’t yet own?

Present owner Ralph Mizrahi wouldn’t talk to the Trib. (Nor The Observer.) But his customers are more forthcoming:

“Get the hell outta here! Tell them they can’t do that!” exclaimed Sandra Warren, 38, who works at 26 Federal Plaza “We very much need it around here. They have the same items at Duane Reade but it’s much more expensive. We’re talking about a dollar, but it’s my dollar.”

This reporter will personally miss Ralph’s reasonable rates on Pilot gel pens. Just $3.19 for a two-pack! (Thirty cents less than the ubiquitous pharmacy charges.)

– Chris Shott

Bargain Basement Awaits Bulldozer